air-Q Light with basic sensors for offices and schools

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The air-Q Light with basic sensors for offices and schools ? with the air-Q smartphone app for iOS / Android and web access.

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The air-Q is the innovation for better air at home and in the office. In the past few years, we have developed the world's most comprehensive, powerful and intelligent air analyser – made in Germany.

With the air-Q Light we now offer a Basic version, which is aimed at offices and schools. The selection of sensors makes it possible to detect potentially with virus and bacteria contaminated air at an early stage in order to take countermeasures. There is an aerosol and CO 2 traffic light on the device, which warns of dangers. Carbon dioxide is a good proxy for the aerosol concentration in the room and therefore a good indicator for when ventilation is necessary in order to avoid potentially dangerous situations.

Attention: The air-Q Light cannot measure viruses or bacteria directly. However, the measured values can be used to assess the risk of a possible transmission if there is an infected person in the room.

Measured values: carbon dioxide, VOCs (methane, formaldehyde, toluene, etc.), temperature, absolute and relative humidity, dew point, noise / sound Level.

Software (mobile app and web app): The air-Q app is available for iOS (from iOS 11.0) and Android (from Android 5.1). This allows all measured variables to be viewed in real time (at 1.7 seconds intervals) and diagrams to be drawn. Your personal virtual health advisor in the app also gives individual tips on how to improve your individual air quality.

The air-Q saves the air data on an internal memory. These can be exported at any time (e.g. as a csv file). The data does not leave the network!

When the air-Q Cloud*** is activated, the data can optionally also be displayed on the go in the web browser and in the air-Q app. In this case, the data is also stored on our servers in Germany.
*** air-Q Cloud: Use of the online service is free in the start-up phase. Depending on the intensity of use, a low monthly usage fee will be charged at a later point in time!

The Science Option for developers is not included here. It is exclusively included in the air-Q Science, providing you with full access to all API functions of the air-Q. Documentation for air-Q Science can be found here:

We breathe in and out more than 20,000 times – every day. Therefore, it is good to know what is in the air.


For whom is the air-Q Light intended?

Companies and schools: In offices, meeting rooms, schools and wherever many people meet, the air-Q can contribute to preventive health protection by indicating and avoiding polluted situations. In this way, risk situations due to potentially virus-contaminated air can also be recorded and documented. In the context of a hygiene concept, this can play a decisive role, e.g. to prevent infections in closed rooms and to ascertain correlations.

Beginners in the world of air analysis with many smart functions


Scope of delivery

• air-Q with 5 sensors + 2 virtual sensors
• USB power supply and cable
• Mobile app for iOS and Android in the App Store / Play Store


Shipping weight: 0,36 Kg
Product weight: 0,29 Kg
Dimensions ( length × width × height ): 13,50 × 4,90 × 11,80 cm


Kohlendioxid - CO2 Kohlendioxid - CO2 Bereich: 300 - 5.000 ppm
Auflösung: 1 ppm
Genauigkeit: ± 50 ppm,
± 3 % des Messwertes
VOC VOC (flüchtige organische Verbindungen wie Formaldehyd, Methan) Bereich: 0 - 1180 ppb
Auflösung: 1 ppb
Genauigkeit: ± 5 % des Messwertes
Temperatur Temperatur - T Bereich: -40 - 125 °C
Auflösung: 0,1 °C
Genauigkeit: ± 0,1 °C
Luftfeuchte Luftfeuchte φ ("phi") (relative+relative Luftfeuchte) Relative Luftfeuchte:
Bereich: 0 - 100 %
Auflösung: 0,1 %
Genauigkeit: ± 2 % des Messwertes

Absolute Luftfeuchte:
Bereich: 0 - 200 g/m³
Auflösung: 0,05 g/m³
Genauigkeit: ± 2 % des Messwertes
Lärm - "Lp" Bereich: 30 - 109 dB(A)
Auflösung: 1 dB
Genauigkeit: ± 2 dB