air-Q Science - air analyser (14 sensors + science option + optional additional sensor)

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The air-Q Science with 14 sensors + science option + optional additional sensor

* Science option: The science option gives you full access to all API functions of the air-Q for developers.


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The air-Q is the innovation for better air at home and in the office. In the past few years, we have developed the world's most comprehensive, powerful and intelligent air analyser – made in Germany.

No one has more options and sensors: the air-Q uses a large number of sensors to monitor the components of the air, the room climate and environmental influences - in real time (at approx. 1.8 seconds intervals). The air-Q continuously analyses all data with scientific precision and thus offers truly individual and valuable solutions for a healthier life and more productive work.

Measured values: oxygen, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, particulates (PM1; PM2,5; PM10), nitrogen oxide / nitrogen dioxide, ozone, sulphur dioxide, VOCs (methane, formaldehyde, toluene etc.), temperature, atmospheric pressure, absolute and relative humidity, dew point, noise / sound Level.

Software (mobile app and web app): The air-Q app is available for iOS (from iOS 11.0) and Android (from Android 5.1). When the air-Q Cloud is activated, the data can optionally also be displayed in the web browser. There is no online requirement! All data is evaluated using artificial intelligence (AI) and continuously analysed for you. This enables previously unimagined possibilities for the recognition of situations. Your personal virtual health advisor will then give you individual tips on how to improve your individual air quality.

When the air-Q Cloud*** is activated, the data can optionally also be displayed on the go in the web browser and in the air-Q app. In this case, the data is also stored on our servers in Germany.
*** air-Q Cloud: Use of the online service is free in the start-up phase. Depending on the intensity of use, a low monthly usage fee will be charged at a later point in time!

Science Option for developers included: With the science option you get full access to all API functions of the air-Q. The documentation can be found here: 

Extend your smart home with a smart sensor: the air-Q supports voice assistants (Alexa and Google Home [and Apple via update]) and common smart home standards. The indoor air data provides important information for your smart home. As a sensor centre, the air-Q can for example serve as a signal generator for automatic window opening systems, control of air purifiers or switching heaters on and off. The air-Q has so-called virtual sensors, which constantly analyse and check the situation in the background. There are virtual sensors for the detection of open windows, the presence of people, the immediate opening or closing of doors etc. The air-Q functions as a powerful sensor transmitter and as a security centre. By using it in your home, the air-Q will also become smarter as it learns with your help. Little by little, more and more functions are possible.

We breathe in and out more than 20,000 times – every day. Therefore, it is good to know what is in the air.


What makes the air-Q unique

The air-Q thinks further and goes further than any other air measuring device. The air-Q differentiates between all measured data using designated sensors.

An example: unlike the air-Q, many other measuring devices do not differentiate between VOC and carbon dioxide (CO2). The eCO2 value there is only an extremely rough estimate or is not even included.

The air-Q combines much more: It can also be used as a smoke detector and noise level meter. Using algorithms that run in the background, the following substances and situations can also be recognised that were previously not detectable, such as:

• An accurate prediction of mould
• The presence of people in the room can be recognised
• Open windows are recorded
• Temporal correlations are automatically determined and included in the evaluation

This is the first time that a proper root cause analysis can be carried out.

The air-Q saves the air data on an internal memory. The data does not leave the home network. Additional services can optionally be booked via the app or the Internet. So the smartphone app can also be used outside of the home network. In this case, the air data will be cached on our servers in Germany.


For whom is the air-Q intended?

• Health-conscious people: You receive comprehensive and transparent information about the most important food the air you breathe.

Allergy sufferers: You will be warned at an early stage if polluted and critical air situations can trigger or exacerbate allergies.

Families: Children are particularly susceptible to pollution. The air-Q can help ensure that your children are spared allergies and grow up in an environment with healthy air.

• Seniors: Older people, just like children, are more susceptible to harmful substances of any kind. The easily comprehensible traffic light on the air-Q makes it possible for people who are less tech-savvy to use the air-Q.

• Smart home users: The air-Q offers people who are enthusiastic about technology numerous possibilities for intelligent networking of their home or office. It interacts easily with the voice assistants from Google and Amazon. This integration is constantly being expanded through software updates.

• Researchers and data analysts: The air-Q offers its own API for direct data access in real time and for the purpose of your own data analysis in third-party software (Excel, statistical programs).

• Companies: The air-Q makes a decisive contribution to the corporate health management as well as the well-being and efficiency of your employees. With the air-Q health index and the air-Q performance index, you receive two important sources of inspiration for sustainable office air.


Scope of delivery

• air-Q Science* with 14 sensors + optional additional sensor
• USB power supply and cable
• Mobile app for iOS and Android in the App Store / Play Store
• Free use of the air-Q Cloud for 2 years

*The air-Q Science gives you full access to all API functions of the air-Q. The documentation can be found here:


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